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Ruijie's plastic packaging products(blow molding and injection molding)are wide applied in lubricant industry, we well undertand its requirements to the packaging during filling, strorage,logistics, as well as the requirements from end cutomers, we make prompt response to the change in the market,provide products and severice suitable for the market and make you leading the market. 
The performance of sealing,stacking,dropping and loading of Ruijie's products are far beyond the standard, the excelent quality makes Ruijie leading lubricant industry, Ruijie is selected by lubricant top 5 international brands  as their partner, as well as other international lubricant main players.
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Tel: 0086-519-89885072   Fax: 0086-519-89880225   E-mail: charles@ruijiepac.cn   Add: No.2-8 Tianshan Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China