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Plastic injection molding packaging products used to be open top containers, sorted by shape, there are round, elliptic, square containers, with good performance in concave change proof, rust proof, light weight and easy operation, it's suitable to contain different kinds of liquid, solid and semifluid substances. With nice appearance, user friendly design, versatile shape, it's suitable for differentation sales; meanwhile, excellent physical performance and reliable sealing structure make it safer in use and transportation.
Round Pail
  • Round Pail

  • Different Anti-Counterfeit Design,Excellent performance,safe for storage and tra...
Elliptic pails
  • Elliptic pails

  • Capacity between 5L-20L, with new anti-counterfeit structure differentation eff...
  • Can

  • Demonstration area maximized, nice visual effect,noval appearance,unique sealing...
Square and rectangular pails
Plastic boxes
  • Plastic boxes

  • Various styles,rigid packaging for better protection, can be made with transpare...
Screw top pails
  • Screw top pails

  • Reliable sealing performance, repeatable open and sealing, safer
Tel: 0086-519-89885072   Fax: 0086-519-89880225   E-mail: charles@ruijiepac.cn   Add: No.2-8 Tianshan Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China